When I get a spontaneous idea to drive some screws into something, the chances are that both of my cordless screwdrivers are dead very quickly. The battery in my old 14.4V 1.2Ah screwdriver has no capacity any more. My new 19.2V Aldi-screwdriver would be like 5% full. That's why I tried to drive them with a power supply.

The 5A lab power supply choked immediately, but I built once a circa 12V, 6A power supply for our camping fridge. That is more fun, a bit less with 19.2V screwdriver. The adaptation with 2 x 1.5 mm² cable and a blue blade connector (a bit of bending required) is not perfect, but works quite well.

Parts of my power supply:

  • Transformer 70VA 11.5V 6.1A out of an old halogen lamp
  • Fuse 500 mA T on the primary side
  • Bridge Rectifier KBU601 6A 100V
  • Radiator, thermal grease
  • 2 Capacitors 4700uF 25V
  • A case, cable fitting, banana sockets, shrink tube etc.

Caution, in blocked state there flow some 12-13 A, the rectifier won’t last long.

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